5 Safety Tips For Process Servers

If you work as a process server, you already know that you aren't meeting people on the happiest day of their lives. Unfortunately, even though you aren't responsible for their legal problems, many of those people will misdirect their anger at you. That can get dangerous. In addition, you may face additional unknown dangers every time you have to step foot on unfamiliar property -- which is often necessary for the job.

3 Indications You Have Purchased A Car That's A Lemon

One of the things you'll need to help you get around town is a good car. This is the key to remaining independent at every age once you get your drivers' license. The good news is it's likely you can find a vehicle that will meet your needs and allow you to get around with ease. However, it's a great idea to be fully aware of the signs you may have purchased a lemon or an automobile that doesn't function as it should.

Putting False Personal Injury Myths To Rest

If you've been hurt in an accident, it's tempting to fall victim to one or more of the below myths. That would be unfortunate since failing to seek compensation for an injury just amounts to throwing money away. Read on and learn why these myths are so wrong and get the money damages to which are entitled for your injuries. It will take too long to get any money. Not necessarily; only very complex or highly technical cases take months or years to resolve.

How Employers Defraud Workers' Comp Insurers And Employees Suffer

Workers' compensation fraud is something that makes big news -- especially when someone gets caught blatantly faking an injury. However, some of the biggest workers' comp fraudsters out there are not individual employees but employers.  Workers' compensation insurance is one of the biggest expenses employers face. Trying to avoid that expense is the main reason that employers aim to "game the system" and skirt paying what they're supposed to pay. However, that often leaves hapless employees without adequate coverage when they get injured -- something they may not find out until it's too late.

Using Dash Cameras For Legal Protection

Like many other industries, driving safety has been changed forever by advancement in computers. Just ask desktop and laptop-like systems have been miniaturized into smartphones, similar systems have been built into the old, but now enhanced concept of dashboard cameras or dash cams. Here are a few details about dash cams to help you understand how dash cams work, and how to use them to their maximum potential for your safety and legal benefit.